Transforming Lives

A large majority of our society is underprivileged. They feel themselves ignored and left apart. Lack of sustainable growth and attention are shutting down curtains on their life. An inspiration, a motivation is all what they seek to reincarnate themselves. At Greater lumen Foundation, we try to acknowledge the scarcity in the resources and conspire to fulfill the same.

Igniting Hearts to Care

In today’s world, if we look around we could sense the helplessness prevalent in the poor and unprivileged class of people. Children are forced to starve without food and adequate nutrition. Young girls and boys see their future doomed in poverty due to lack of facilities such as education and household. Our life offers us numerous occasions to ponder over situations. Some of them we desperately wish to change. At The Greater Lumen Foundation, you get the opportunity to work for these causes.

Constructive group

Every effort has a testimony of how it was once channelized, planned and implemented. Similarly with the core mission of reaching out to the underprivileged and vulnerable sections of the society, we define our groups and allocate the tasks accordingly. With a comprehensive approach, we cater to all the prevalent issues in an area and stick to the methodology of solving issues on a schematic strategy. We encourage volunteers to join us on regular basis.

Our Activity Centre

With an urge of transforming lives, we are on a mission. We are The Greater Lumen Foundation.

With rising insensitivity and growing poverty among the masses, one has to be a litmus to provoke a change. A change for the betterment of living standards among the unprivileged class. Alone we may falter in the pursuit because the journey may be long and tiring. So holding hands and uplifting our spirits we have to stand together in unison, showing the world that we care for our less privileged brothers and sisters. The initiative taken today will define our world tomorrow, a place where we always dream to be happier.

Our Causes


Our endeavor is to work for the leading issues in the society. We make sure that the efforts we put in reaches out to the various sections of the society.


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